The Man Behind The Curtain

Two years ago, I bought a 28-acre homestead in Parsonsfield Maine while I was on leave from my last deployment. That same deployment left me with two herniated disks in my lower back. I was not physically able to return to my job in heavy industrial manufacturing so I plowed forward, stubbornly into my dream of homesteading. Several pigs, gardens, the birth of my daughter, and a back surgery later I ran out of money and began to panic. That led me to start college at a local university in which I currently attend. I also realized some of my physical limitations and have scaled down my homesteading aspirations.
This scaling down of homesteading operations freed up some time and I began to re-discover a passion for fishing. In 2018 I realized one of my lifelong goals of catching my first significant trout. This past year I also realized another dream of mine which was starting the very blog you are reading now. I now write about my fishing adventures as well as homesteading and my love of food.
Stay tuned in 2019 because I have big goals for this year that include:
• Manage/harvest a deer from my homestead.
• Catch a Lake Trout
• Catch a Splake
• Get a trophy fish replica made
• Teach myself about straw bale gardening by turning my garden into one
• Be a better father and a better husband in the eyes of god.
• And Lastly write about all of it.
I greatly appreciate any and all feedback as well as your patronage to my blog. I wish you all tight lines and good eats.