Perch Tacos

If you’re from Maine then you probably do not eat a lot of Yellow Perch. This is because Maine has a cousin of the yellow perch named somewhat ironically the white perch. This species of perch (white) is deemed far better table fair by most people in the state. While I do enjoy white perch, I also eat yellow perch regularly as they are easy for me to catch. I do need to offer a disclaimer however as I spent a portion of my adult life supplementing my diet with junk fish during the recession. That time came to be because I did not grow up as an avid outdoorsman, and I found myself jobless living off of 600 dollars a month (my rent was 550). I had a cheapo Wal-Mart fishing pole with some hooks and a bobber, so I ate a lot of pan fish. I supplemented this by trapping squirrels, but I digress. The point I am making is that I have eaten a lot of fish that others consider to be un appetizing, and one of my favorite “junk” fish to eat is yellow perch. Its firm white flesh renders itself perfect for the fryer and fish tacos. Which is what this blog post is about. I caught some monster specimens while trout fishing the other day, and decided a trip down memory lane was needed. Below you will find some pictures as well as a recipe that will turn this junk fish into amazing table fare.


You will need:
1c jasmine rice
1lb of small fish fillets
2 eggs
Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Vegetable or olive oil
Panko bread crumbs
Taco Tortillas
Coleslaw (I’ve used many different brands with good result)

Start your rice first it will take the longest. Follow the cook time instructions on the rice you bought.

Combine these Ingredients in a bowl then mix to for the fillet breading:
1/2c Panko bread crumbs
1/2c Flour
2 tsp Pepper (salt and pepper to taste)
2 tsp Salt (salt and pepper to taste)

Crack eggs into separate bowl and mix with fork until yolk is broken.

Coat the bottom of a frying pan with approx. 1 in. of oil and heat on medium high.
Wait until oil begins to simmer before adding coated fillet.
While pan is heating up dip fillet into egg then into dry ingredients, covering the fillet with the breading.
When oil is ready place fillet in the pan and fry approx. 3-4 minutes on both sides, or until the breading is golden brown. Place fillets on a dish to cool (I lay a paper towel across the dish to soak up extra grease)
Lay out tortillas and add a scoop of rice to each. Add the fillets then lightly drizzle the sweet thai chili sauce over the fish and rice. Then add a scoop of coleslaw and enjoy!perch taco


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